15 February, 2009


im going to make these my final designs.

1 rocket and this time the suspension and steering are actualy conected to things :P

alot nicer body on this one.

hope you enjoy.

thanks for viewing

14 February, 2009


a bit of a differnt design with hopefullt less drag but still stable, iv learned how to change the camara angle also :P

i will write down the parts in the car for those who arnt familiar as i have been asked

"where do you sit?" ... dont ask....
"are the red bits silencers?"...why would you put silencers on a rocket?...

the red tubes are for the fuel grain
the blue bits are the cylinders for the liquid nitrogen, making it hybrid
the gray/black part around it is the body that can be taken off
the white/gray bit inside is the chassis, probebly 3mm aluminium
the suspension and wheels are self explainatory
the black box part at the front is the servo

thats about it realy for the less obviouse parts.

i havent drawn it all in like the reciever, gyros and battery but they will all be in the space at the front.

thanks for viewing

10 February, 2009



similar design than before except 2 rockets and double almost everything else

this time everything is there, steering and suspension included.

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08 February, 2009


redesignd my whole car from the ground up, the only similarity is the front wheel i think.

i designed it with a proper chassis, with a proper body and i went into more detail, hope you like.

note: thankyou ziggy for sending me a few of the parts

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05 February, 2009


new 3d pic, this time everything is more clear, some internal structure, new wing arangment at the front and new wheel. hope you like.

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03 February, 2009


new and improved 3d drawing, this time with the hybrid rocket and its facing the right way lol

thanks for viewing

my first 3D pic.

my first time on solidworks and i made everything to roughly how big it will be in real life so it is a more clearer image.

i know its poor quality but iv been on it for 2 hours so far.

hear it is.

thanks for viewing.