28 January, 2009


iv got yet another CAD pic while i find a decent 3D design software

its the same as the last one except with a profile view and a bit modded

also you can see how im doing the KF airfoil on the front wing


thanks for viewing.

27 January, 2009


new CAD pic

its the design below but modified.

the two front wings will have a KF 1 design on them. for those who dont know it is a technique origonaly used on paper airoplanes and it basicly a step around half way down the bottom of the wing, producing downforce. for more information go to


i have also changed the rear end to make it more curvy and made the NOS tank for like its real size.

and iv just made it alot easyer to see the differnt parts.

thanks for viewing.

26 January, 2009


iv done a redesign of the car below to make it a 3 wheeler.

the colour sceem is a bit differnt but it is explaind in the pic.

thanks for viewing.

iv got another design i based around the same rocket motor but a differnt nos tank.

so because i couldnt use two of these i had to redesign if i am to use this.

this was actualy the first design that poped into my head when i thought of building one but times change, and i thought id draw it up to compare.

thanks for viewing.

25 January, 2009


hey, bit more info

i think i will use the R.A.T.T Works rocket and modify it. im aiming for a 1.5 : 1 thrust to weight ratio. so around 7.5kg thust and hopefully under 5kg weight.

im also guestimating it to be 80cm long and 25cm wide but i dont know yet.

in the CAD dwarings i dont have disk brakes or suspension but i will have it on the final car, i just cant draw them.

thanks for looking.

some new CAD pics i just made last night and this morning, hope you like.

leave any sugestions or questions.

. click it

thanks for viewing.

24 January, 2009


unfortunatly it looks kinda blury but it might just be me.

this is the first design of the layout of my car, rocket in the middle, the two tanks either side

this isnt to scale but only rough so it might look alot differnt

thanks for viewing.

i have done some maths.

R.A.T.T works I90 rocket, modified

overall tank volume = around 720cc
weight of the 2 tanks = 2.48kg full

i need around 800g of fuel for 12 second burn

the rocket alone will weigh around 3.5kg

average thrust will be around 7.5kg

max thrust will be around 17kg

hear is the throttle curve for an un-modified one

i dont know if i will choose this combination at the moment and correct me if i have made a mistake.

Black Diamond

hey, this is just an introduction to my project. im planning to build a hybrid rocket powerd RC car. im planning on using R.A.T.T works 29mm rocket and two soda stream bottles for the nitrouse oxide. other than that i havent realy decided on mutch else except it will have four wheels, gyro, parachutes, and brakes (obviously). i havent been able to put much thought into it as i have my GCSE's soon so there will be alot more building in june/july time. any research i find will go on hear so i dont forget.

thats it basicly, thanks for viewing. sorry no pics i cant aford a camarra :D